Why it is time to get rid of your HDTV and opt for 4K

Why would I opt for the 4K resolution?

Recently one bride emailed me about her possible video coverage asking me why would one opt for the 4K (wedding video package). She didn’t understand the need for it and was wondering if the HD option was dated. She was also curious if 4K will still work with a DVD player. Another couple was wondering as to what they would be missing out on if they selected the top package with the HD option.

I had numerous conversations about this subject with clients, fellow documentary filmmakers, photographers and videographers. Also written posts about 4K wedding videography and differences between HD and 4K in my blog. But in this post I don’t want to go into technical details, explain you all differences, bells and whistles of 4K and how there will be no more HD soon. Instead of that I want to talk about my HDTV set.

I bought this HDTV by famous South Korean brand in 2010. Back than it was really good, up to date and did really nice job. 6 years later I have a problem with my HDTV. It does the same exact things: works as a charm, has great resolution, nice quality and it all stops me from taking my HDTV to dumpster. I still enjoy watching my favorite shows and some of my HD work on it. But reality is that my HDTV is old, and it’s time for it to go. TV sets are one of the longest lasting pieces of consumer technology.

Smartphones update every year, cameras that I use to film weddings update every one to two years. And TV screen technology… well, it also gets updated every often. Manufacturers make them last for decades and that’s the reason why we keep using our “old” HDTVs – they just work.

Check out 4K TVs and see for yourself

Sooner or later, when you finally find your way to TV section in local electronic store or start searching for a new set online, you’ll find out that yes, HDTV is outdated, Ultra HD crisp resolution is out there, and even true 4K is making its way to consumer market nowadays. That’s pretty much the whole explanation. Yes, and by the way, I’m just about to pickup a newly released 6K camera to film next season’s weddings with it. I am also planning  to finally stop producing HD only Wedding Films for 2017 Wedding Season. I know 4K and 6K doesn’t really make sense to most couples, but 5, 10, 15 years from now they will truly appreciate it.


Image of stunning UHD 4K Flat Smart TV by Samsung