How 4K Wedding Videography Beats Traditional HD

When choosing a wedding videographer, this leaves many asking “what resolution should my wedding video be in, HD or 4K?” Nowadays, the answer is simple: always choose 4K Wedding Videography.

What is 4K Resolution?

Any device or video content having a horizontal resolution order of 4,000 pixels is deigned 4K resolution; it’s also often referred to as “Ultra High-Defintion” (UHD) as well. Due to its incredible quality, it has fast become the industry standard for wedding videography.

How Does It Compare to HD?

Put simply, 4K is four times better than traditional HD because it features four times the amount of pixels. It facilitates sharper lines, smoother details, and more vibrant colors.

4K Wedding Videography

Should your wedding videographer have 4K recording capabilities, you’ll be able to relive your wedding to standards that would impress a Hollywood cinematographer—just make sure you have a 4K television or device with 4K screen to best translate these special memories.

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