Make Your Wedding Website a Valuable Tool

wedding website templates

A wedding website is a brilliant thing if you do it right. It’s basically a total information hub where your history as a couple is laid out for the amusement of your guests, locations, key dates such as the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and actual wedding day are displayed. Plus there […]

4 Values of Wedding Videography That May Change Your Perspective

Wedding Videography

If you are considering wedding videography, than there are a few things you might not have thought of before. These add value to decision that may change your perspective. So if you are on the fence about having your blissful day documented, consider the following. Entertainment Don’t underestimate how entertaining your wedding film will be. Those […]

5 wedding highlights reel traditions to break with documentary style

5 wedding highlights reel traditions to break with documentary style

Choosing to build your wedding highlights reel around a documentary style is a great, creative way to actually tell a compelling story with footage from before, during and after your ceremony. If you have decided to embrace this particular filmmaking technique, there are a few key “traditions” that you’ll do well to avoid as much […]

Why Editing Your Wedding Film Takes Time

Editing wedding film takes some time. Think of it like a movie. There are hours and hours of footage, but not everything makes the final cut. It need to be finessed in a way that the final wedding video documentary is everything you want it to be. A Creative Outlook Our trained eye and the […]

Why Your Wedding Video Deserves the Quality of 4K

Your wedding video is something you will cherish for many years to come, and years down the line the quality of that video is going to matter. Chances are, you probably aren’t considering hiring a videographer that uses old fashioned 8mm film. Of course past generations were happy to have 8mm technology available to them […]

How Early Should You Book Wedding Videographer?

When you want to make sure you have all of the special moments of your wedding day captured and preserved on film, hiring a top-notch wedding videographer is essential. The only drawback is that this type of videographer is often in high demand. How can you ensure that you’re able to book wedding videographer you […]

Video Coverage for Destination Wedding


A wedding far from home gives you a way to make your big day extra special. To make it even more memorable, consider having your wedding film done by skilled videographer. From local weddings to long distance weddings, your destination wedding videographer must have the knowledge, travel equipment and creative flair needed to make an outstanding wedding video. […]

3 Qualities of Documentary Wedding Video


Your wedding day can go by in a blur, but having a high-quality video can help you relive  it countless times. If the thought of watching a wedding film filled with staged scenes and posed shots doesn’t seem thrilling, keep in mind that Documentary Wedding Video takes a completely different approach capturing the essence of […]

3 Modern Alternatives to the Wedding DVD

When planning your wedding day, don’t look to the past, instead, look to the present and future—especially where technology is concerned. Much like the VHS tape (something kids presumably learn about when studying dinosaurs), the DVD is part of old history. Don’t doom your wedding film to an existence as a relic; here three innovative, longer-lasting Wedding […]