Booking a Last Minute Wedding Videographer Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful Any Longer


Maybe you thought that wedding videography was “out of style.” Maybe you thought it was a needless expense that was easily avoided. Maybe you thought it would just be more trouble than it was worth. Regardless of the reason, now that all the vendors are booked, you’ve had time to relax. By now you’ve probably seen one or more of the great videos made in a new era of documentary wedding video production and the moment of truth has finally arrived: you sit back and say to yourself “Oh crap, I want a wedding video and it’s too late! What do I do now?!” The answer is simple: you keep relaxing. Last minute wedding videographer bookings are here for this very reason.

Find Last Minute Wedding Videographer

While it’s recommended that any wedding film professional be booked between 12 to 6 months in advance, last minute wedding videographer booking of 5 months or less are still common. The most important thing to understand is that just because your favorite videographer is BUSY doesn’t mean that he or she is UNAVAILABLE – a professional will understand that situations like this can and will occur.

Get In Touch

Contact your chosen videographer and let them know what’s going on. Regardless of how busy their schedule is, they will always still have available days so it’s a good idea to at least inquire and give things a chance.


Once a videographer confirms their last minute availability, make sure they have a general plan in place to get you up and running with as little fuss as possible. Highly professional wedding videographers should have no trouble figuring out your wedding day timeline and factoring in things like your venue, your DJ, your planner, your photographer contacts and more – all allowing them to put together the perfect strategy to create wedding film in reality that is as perfect as the one you see in your head.

They will likely have a convenient online way to get all of this information from you and more, as well as allowing you to watch sample videos to pick a preferred style, sign up and make payments online and more – even if you are all too busy to meet in person.


They call professional wedding videographers “professionals” for a reason – even a last minute booking situation can’t stop them from giving you everything you need when you need it the most.

In essence, the process of booking a last minute wedding videographer all boils down to this: provided that the videographer you like is still available and is ready for a last minute booking on their end, everything should still go as smoothly as possible given the circumstances.