Why should you hire your Wedding Videographer and Photographer separately

Why hire a wedding videographer and a photographer separately when you can purchase package for a single convenient price?

In reality, photo/video package limits the potential of the end result in both situations, and compromises your ability to choose what you really like. Hiring your wedding videographer and photographer separately is a decision you’ll want to weigh carefully for a number of different reasons.

Think About What Makes Each Medium Unique

Even though film and images offer a visual experience, they’re largely different in every other way. Wedding photographers use static images as their canvas to document your wedding day. They know how to play to the strengths of the format and use every last element of a frame to their advantage, from the lighting to the look on their subject’s faces and more. When a videographer creates a wedding film, they have the benefit of not only motion but sound – creating a similar emotion in a completely different way.

Hiring your wedding videographer and photographer separately puts you in a better position to find dedicated pros who know how to leverage the strength of each medium to their advantage. Photo/video package limits what you can accomplish with each respective format.

Real World Considerations

You may be sold for photo/video package deal by the strong argument that getting both images and film at the same time will offer smooth coverage and continuity. The issue with this is that certain compromises will always have to be made in terms of the product you end up with.

The fact that in a combined package deal a photographer and videographer can “work as a team” is completely irrelevant, as if they’re true professionals they can do this regardless of whether or not they work for the same company.

True professionals know how to communicate with one another, even if they’re both in competition for how to best capture moments during your wedding. True pros know how to create a smooth environment and to help you have an enjoyable experience. Hiring separately also leaves you with two people, each who see their own respective jobs (either as a photographer or videographer) as THE most important part of your wedding. For couples, this is a great situation to find yourself in as it only elevates the quality of the end result.

Hire the photographer you like and the videographer you like – end of story. Resist the urge to compromise on one or the other just because of a package deal. The ideal videographer and photographer is the one whose work you like the best – it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

Image by New York Wedding Films. In this film screenshot our good friend wedding photographer Fabrice Tranzer is taking a picture of beautiful bride.