Trending in 2017 Wedding Season: Instagram Video Edits

As I was checking out recent wedding trends for this fresh 2017 season, it turns out along with “Vintage glamour” and “Elaborate entrances’, “Instagram video edits” are this year’s thing. I’ve done quite few quick edits for our Instagram and find them really fun addition to couples social media feeds, especially when added shortly after wedding.

This year we will be posting next day Instagram videos for all couples using wedding hashtags.

Instagram Video Edits will be tagged with Your Wedding Hashtag

If you haven’t done so, make a wedding hashtag. This advise comes from useful real life experience, because everybody is guilty of taking pictures and videos with their phones while attending wedding. In order to organize so much multimedia joy in one perfect social media feed, you may want to come up with hashtag and let everyone know about it. It’s really fun to check them out following day after wedding while pictures and videos still keep coming. Share your custom hashtag with your guests via direct message or social media. There are sites like Wedding Hashtag Wall that can help you generate your perfect wedding hashtag automatically. You can even have your hashtag printed on themed Instagram signs to display at your Wedding.