3 Modern Alternatives to the Wedding DVD

When planning your wedding day, don’t look to the past, instead, look to the present and future—especially where technology is concerned. Much like the VHS tape (something kids presumably learn about when studying dinosaurs), the DVD is part of old history. Don’t doom your wedding film to an existence as a relic; here three innovative, longer-lasting Wedding DVD alternatives that don’t sacrifice resolution or accessibility.

1. Permanent Video Page

Permanent, secure web page for your wedding video. Not only will it feature a customized design similar to that of a DVD menu, but it also allows the video to play in its original 4K or HD format. Don’t worry about strangers’ prying eyes, have it password protected so only loved ones can access it. It’s easily shared over email and may be viewed on anything that can access a webpage: tablets, smartphones, Apple TV, Google Play, Smart TVs, and more.

2. Physical File instead of Wedding DVD

Want something to hold onto? Ditch the Wedding DVD and opt for a file in flash drive format—couple it with Dropbox and/or Google Drive files too. Having this file will allow you to store it and transfer it between personal archive clouds, computer hard drives, and myriad other devices. In your home network, you can stream it however you want.

3. Embed Link

Uploading videos to social media sites like Facebook isn’t always quick and easy; that’s why asking for an embed link of your wedding Highlights video is key. Embed links shoulder any stress that uploading would otherwise cause.