Why Editing Your Wedding Film Takes Time

Editing wedding film takes some time. Think of it like a movie. There are hours and hours of footage, but not everything makes the final cut. It need to be finessed in a way that the final wedding video documentary is everything you want it to be.

A Creative Outlook

Our trained eye and the way we creatively interpret your story is going to take a little time. We know that you “can’t wait to see the film”, but it takes 15-25 weeks to put together your final product. At least it’s something to look forward to after wedding. We allow this time frame to ensure that all couples get their top notch wedding film of their dreams. Being proud of the work we do is just a perk of our business. It is truly personal movie making at its finest.

What To Know More About the Editing Process of Wedding Film?

Editing a documentary film is a lengthy process. We use the same variety of techniques that most documentary editors use. It helps to weave your entire day into one cohesive film that follows a logical progression that the wedding videographer has carefully shot. Plus, it will be entertaining and fun for you to watch, over and over again. Your wedding film isn’t the only one we are working on, so be patient with us to make sure your final product is exactly what you want. A treasured memory come to life.