Wedding Video: Going Above and Beyond the Traditional Coverage Experience

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Beyond all else, a wedding video is supposed to allow you to relive every last moment of a wedding day whenever you want. It should immediately transport you back to that specific time and place, bringing up the feelings you had on the day itself. If you really want to elevate above the traditional wedding video experience, there are four fun options that will help make your video more entertaining to watch.

Using of GoPro for Wedding Video

GoPro cameras are popular for many reasons: they’ve got a versatile form factor, they can shoot HD and 4K video and they use fisheye and extremely wide lenses to create the type of fun footage you just won’t get anywhere else. Mounting a GoPro inside the Chuppah, near the alter or attaching it to other objects can not only be a great way to get a clear view of the bride and groom’s faces during the ceremony, but also to get footage from angles a wedding videographer might not be physically able to get to.

The Slow Motion Camera Booth

The slow motion camera booth takes the popular photo booth experience and elevates it to the next level. Each guest gets filmed by a small camera located inside photo booth and the footage is later used to compliment wedding highlights, reception video segments and more.

The Camera Drone

Forget getting the “fly on the wall” experience – how about the “fly in the sky,” instead! This helps to get great aerial footage of your ceremony, photo session, reception and more, adding an unparalleled dramatic and cinematic feel to the finished product.

The Floating Camera

Floating cameras have been used in all your favorite Hollywood films for years and now, thanks to technological breakthroughs, they’re being used by wedding videographers all over the country. This is a great technique to use during couple photo shooting and the ceremony itself, adding a much more dramatic feel to the end wedding video.

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