4 Values of Wedding Videography That May Change Your Perspective

Wedding Videography

If you are considering wedding videography, than there are a few things you might not have thought of before. These add value to decision that may change your perspective. So if you are on the fence about having your blissful day documented, consider the following.


Don’t underestimate how entertaining your wedding film will be. Those funny little moments you might not have caught while it was going on are on video to laugh about for decades. Priceless. And hilarious. With perfect music everything ties together in an unforgettable way that is an artistic portrayal of your wedding. You can share it through social media with your friends and family.


As the years go on, you might remember the overall feeling of your wedding day, but not the specifics. That’s why it’s a good idea to have it  documented in a beautiful film. It’s truly a carefully edited movie of your event, a statement piece of wedding videography, that is going to make everybody smile long into the future as you pass it down to generations.


Your parents love and adore you. They even more so, enjoy seeing you happy so they can watch your wedding video a million times and not get tired of it. They’ll show their friends, play it for relatives, and even just watch it alone. It makes them happy, so why not give them a memento of that special day? They will truly appreciate the sentiment.

Wedding Videography Value for Relationships

There is something truly unique about sitting down with your spouse, after many years go by, to watch the day you got married. It can even strengthen your bond if you make it a tradition to watch it on your anniversary year after year. No one ever remembers their vows exactly, but with the right presentation of the big day, it’s all there so you can soak up all the love of the moment.

The picture above is a screenshot from a Documentary Wedding Chronicle by New York Wedding Films